If you've only been monitoring our blog, you've probably wondered why we've been so quiet lately - but if you've also been following our updates on SFF Forum, you'll know that we've been in a perpetual crunch as we've finished off design changes, worked through manufacturing challenges, and selected a fabricator for our upcoming crowdfunding campaign.

With all of these things out of the way, we're now in the process of completing one of the final steps before we can make some big announcements, and jump into crowdfunding: namely, the creation of the design verification prototypes! These units, straight off of the manufacturing line, will be the first physical incarnations of Project Nova's final form, and will essentially reflect what the shipping versions of Project Nova will look like. As such, their creation is an invaluable step in the process, since building these cases will enable KI to perform quality and other checks, and give James and I the opportunity to confirm that our design and material choices are sound. 

This is also a very beneficial step for our manufacturer as well, since making a few cases will familiarize them with the process of creating Project Nova - an experience that should prove invaluable as we grow from a scale of a few cases, to as many as a few thousand. To help prevent any unexpected surprises down the line, such manufacturing 'trials' are not only helpful, but necessary.

Of course, creating these prototypes is an ongoing process, and takes some time. But we've been lucky enough to receive some photos of the cases being made - throughout various stages of the manufacturing process - and we've consequently been pushing some of these to the forums, so that everyone can see our progress. As such, I'll also be keeping track of these images on our blog (with a continuously updated post), so that it's easy enough to follow each update as we post them.

Anyway, enjoy the photos below, and be sure to check in daily as we add more! With each update, our finished cases draws nearer and nearer. We couldn't be more excited!