FEBRUARY 11, 2016

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BOSTON, MA — Kimera Industries, a US-based startup, today announced Cerberus: a small form factor (SFF) microATX computer enclosure that brings unrivaled space efficiency, 100% metal construction, enthusiast-grade component support, and premium US-manufactured build quality to the mATX market.

At just 18.2L, Cerberus is smaller than nearly all mATX (and many mITX) cases in industry today, yet supports flagship graphics and high-end PC components, making it a potent enclosure for hardware enthusiasts that want a compact and portable computer without compromises on performance.

“After many design iterations, and following all of the enthusiast feedback we’ve received, we couldn’t be more excited to announce Cerberus — as well as the impending crowdfunding campaign we’ll be launching on March 1st, to support production” said Joshua Ramirez, co-founder and design lead of Kimera Industries. “With Cerberus, it’s possible to create almost any high-end system — from octa-core workstations, to dual-GPU powerhouses, to multi-radiator liquid-cooled rigs — in a desktop you’ll actually want to put on your desk.”

With the rising prevalence of small form factor cases, and increased attention paid to build quality and aesthetics, PC enthusiasts have quickly become more discerning in what they install inside their enclosures. Yet, almost all SFF enclosures themselves require the use of the restrictive mITX standard, or use cheap materials and awkward vents that compromise performance and quality. Cerberus, comparatively, leapfrogs existing options by providing broad component support in a sturdy enclosure, all while featuring a stunning minimalist design.

“In order to realize Cerberus’s industry-leading space efficiency, Kimera Industries has developed a plethora of innovations and features that provide substantial utility to enthusiasts” said James Schell, co-founder and technical lead of KI. “At the forefront of these are Cerberus’s hinged side bracket, as well as our original Infinite Vent system: a cleverly-designed vent pattern that allows enthusiasts to use the entire vent area to mount hardware, rather than fixed points. These features enable a degree of component support and precision that is all but unmatched in industry, by enclosures of any size.”

Every Cerberus is built with durable solid steel panels, and every surface in Cerberus is given an industrial-grade powder-coat finish available in white or black as standard. Parts such as the case feet and optional carry handle are custom-made, and are carved from solid aluminum billets. All units also come with innovative internal features, from a hinged side bracket, to SFX or ATX PSU support, to a solid steel pin-and-clip system that provides toolless removal of case panels.

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Cerberus Features

  • Size: At just 18.2L, Cerberus is smaller than some of the most popular mITX cases on the market, from Fractal Design’s Node 304, or BitFenix’s Prodigy. When compared to most mATX cases, Cerberus typically bests the competition by 10L or more - a whopping 40%+ volume reduction.
  • Quality: Made entirely of powder coated steel, and assembled in the United States, Cerberus is built to last for the long haul, with thoughtful features such as user-replaceable parts, durable metal hardware, and all-steel panel clips and pins.
  • Design: Cerberus embraces a minimalist, refined aesthetic, with a luxurious matte finish and industrial design that embraces clean edges and understated features over bright lights and garish plastic accents.
  • Customizability: With multiple colors on offer, additional colors available as stretch goals, and the option to add an optional metal handle and/or plexiglass window, Cerberus is engineered to be customized to enthusiasts’ exact preferences.
  • Flexibility: From SFX and ATX PSU support, to the hinged side bracket, to the innovative Infinite Vent system, Cerberus retains some of the most diverse hardware support in industry, and can comfortably contain systems as simple as HTPCs and as sophisticated as water-cooled, multi-GPU gaming powerhouses.
  • Craftsmanship: Through a unique partnership with Sliger Designs, every Cerberus is built by trained and talented engineers on Sliger’s production floor, located in Sparks, Nevada, USA. By manufacturing enclosures domestically, instead of through nondescript factories in China or Taiwan, Kimera Industries is able to maintain strict quality controls, communicate constantly with engineers on the floor, and greatly expedite production and shipment of units to backers - all while supporting local workers, businesses, and communities.


Product Images

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About Kimera Industries: Founded in 2014 by two PC hardware enthusiasts, Kimera Industries is a startup design firm that was created in order to bring minimalist, functional, crafted computer enclosures to the PC industry. With an eye towards modern aesthetics, superior quality, and US-based manufacturing, KI seeks to change how PC cases and accessories are designed and made, to the benefit of customers and the industry alike.

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