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About Cerberus

Cerberus is an 18L mATX SFF enclosure, designed and manufactured in the United States. Developed by enthusiasts frustrated with existing computer cases, Cerberus was made in order to bring uncompromised performance and quality to the SFF community, for the most discerning of system builders.

To achieve this, the development process surrounding Cerberus involved over a year of community dialogue, coupled with multiple rounds of prototyping, testing, and performance analysis. The result of this work speaks for itself: even within such a small enclosure, Cerberus provides robust component support, intelligent features, strong thermal performance, and immaculate build quality. It retains both the input and consideration of crowds of enthusiasts, and the clarity of vision of a sole designer.

About Chimera Industries

Kimera Industries is a design startup, founded in 2015. The company was initially formed in order to see its debut product, Cerberus, through to production via a crowdfunding campaign  but Chimera Industries already retains preliminary designs for additional products, and intends to expand its offerings following the production of Cerberus.

On our About page, we provide a succinct vision statement for the company, which explains that "our goal and hope for Kimera Industries is to develop thoughtful designs that make technology more beautiful and more human, to those who enjoy it the most." With Cerberus, we hope to see this vision through, with an enclosure that addresses many of the pain points we've encountered in our own experience of building SFF systems.


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